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Why will the racially specific rioting continue, because we are a nation of pussies, most are even afraid to discuss the issue and those that do tiptoe over eggshells for fear of condemnation from the left or social punishment in the form of job loss. The truth is as I’ve said time and time again, the problem is both cultural and socioeconomic and those who riot or condone riots through their silence are the only ones who can change it. The black community as a group is broken and in desperate need of repair from within, but continued political pandering and appeasement will not allow it. The continued lack of leadership causes these violent riots.
This political behavior must come to an end.
The Obama administration has set the tone for black civil unrest and anti Police behavior, he has polarized the people of the United States like no other President in history. If he were a leader of any worth instead of a racial figurehead a live political cartoon as it were he would quash these riots with a firm and unbiased hand.