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Stop arresting blacks, I’m asking for a slowdown a black & blue flu of a sort. Let the liberal pigs drown in their own ignorance, let them find out first hand who commits a disproportionate amount of the violent and anti social crimes. The racially motivated federal action against the police was illegal in Ferguson and it’s illegal now. Is this a sign of things to come, is this how blacks will abuse power when it is entrusted to them.
Wake up people, these action once done can never be undone and set an extremely dangerous precedent. It is now clear, that the black community, lead by vile race baiting animals, liberal fools and fueled by the media, want as part of their reparation package, the freedom to commit crime, murder police and riot without fear of prosecution. I suggest you reevaluate your liberal associations, because it is the liberals in your life, spouses, friends, coworkers and loved ones who seek to facilitate this behavior. I suggest you purge anyone who thinks this way from your life, like any disease we will all be better off once they are isolated. Knowledge is power, truth is freedom.
~ Nick Pensabene