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Why are there such cities in America? Sanctuary Cities like San Francisco, where a 5 time deported illegal, recently shot and killed one of our citizens should simply not exist. Immigration and protecting our borders, one of the few Federal government powers enumerated specifically and addressed directly in the constitution are being ignored. Every one of these cities must immediately cease an desist this illegal behavior of harboring federal fugitives immediately or face economic sanctions.
The issue is a simple one, you are breaking our laws as a sovereign nation, by entering this country illegally and should be deported immediately. No local goverment, state, city or otherwise has any right whatsoever to undermine our constitution in such a way.
The law regarding automatic citizenship for any child born on this soil, regardless of their parents legal status must be repealed. Political refugees must have a viable case for such a status and work and student visas must be monitored closely and revoked when necessary.
We need legislation that states the following in very simple language, any illegal alien caught and deported will be in perpetuity excluded from legal citizenship. Furthermore, any American Citizen or business found to be, employing, aiding and abetting illegals in anyway to defraud the people by violating the constitution, shall be fined heavily and on any repeat incidents shall face forfeiture of assets and/or face jail time. Any goverment official who proposes to or attempts to circumvent the constitution law including providing any illegals with any service that should cleary be reserved for citizens of the U.S. shall immediately face impeachment, be removed from office and face the aforementioned penalties. After these simple steps are taken we can then institute a common sense approach to legal immigration including strict limits on numbers, deep background checks, sponsorship, employment and an exhibited attempt to learn the English language. We then as a nation must step up to the plate with a Constitutional ammendment naming English our National language.
Let me just take a few sentences to wrap up one issue that is always posed by those who oppose strong immigration law. Who will we get to do our menial tasks and low wage labor? My answer is a simple one and it will not cause Americans economic distress, we lower the minimum wage for 18 year olds and  under, whether you believe it or not taught a proper work ethic at home they will gravitate to these jobs as a supplement or spending income earned while their parents are supposed to be providing them with the necessities of food, clothing and shelter.
Much more of course needs to be done, this is but one issue that can step us heading in the direction of intelligent governance instead of pandering and sociopolitical appeasement.

~ Nick Pensabene