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So it’s 2015 and you wonder to yourself why is there still racial and sexual tension and resentment, how could this be with all the strides forward we’ve made, with regards to equal treatment for all. The answer would be, affirmative action and government enforced diversity in hiring practice. There are quotas to this day, that force the employment of Women, Blacks and Hispanics first in many of our federal, state and local agencies. I really can’t be more clear about this, if you support these practices, vote for those who are, or are the recipient of such preferential treatment whether you seek it out or not, you are damaging the very social structure of our country and diluting the workforce with inferior and under qualified people. Academic testing and physical standards have been lowered to facilitate these quotas and accommodate the protected minorities. This practice has taken place in some key areas of public service such as; the Military, federal law enforcement, state and local policing, fire and rescue departments and there are many others.
The answer is a simple one intellectually, but much harder to implement, end all affirmative action and quotas now, and demand excellence from all across the spectrum. Reinstating the highest standards will not only ensure an end to all preferential treatment it will guarantee the best most qualified person will be filling these key positions. Are you for equality, are you equal or are you a ward of the state who needs preferential treatment?