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Familiarity with law enforcement arrest and confrontation practices should be mandatory curriculum countrywide, but especially in our Nation’s crime ridden urban areas. Every young American should be taught what procedures Officers must follow when faced with resistance or they are threatened. This should be taught by local law enforcement professionals so as not to be tainted by bias or misinformation.  I hope this would make it clear to those who just do not understand the nature of surviving deadly encounters. They would learn things like; shooting to wound is not an option, along with one shot encounters when policemen deem it necessary to shoot. During these lessons we could teach these children how to behave during an encounter with law enforcement. Do not run, struggle or resist in any manner and never lay your hands on an officer or lunge at him. These classes need not focus on the negative alone, but the focus should clearly be the proper behavior around and respect for police officers. I make this statement assuming local government and community organizers really care about their youth and not just the political leverage gained by protesting and civil unrest with regards to even the most by the book shooting. I for one am not really sure they do.
    ~ Nick Pensabene