What I saw on Facebook, and other forms of social media yesterday is simply amazing, the love, respect and gratitude for our Veterans is almost universal. I’d like to take this moment now if I may to proselytize on behalf of those millions of Veterans who need our help beyond a sharing of photos and some kind words of thanks, not to diminish those actions in any way. There is much more that needs to be done and only we can help with strength in our vast numbers. We all need to contact our Congressmen and Senators and urge them to do whatever is necessary to repair the abysmal black hole that is the Veteran’s administration, up to and including the dismantling and privatization of all its duties. It has been failing horribly for many years. Our brave warriors stand much better odds surviving on distant battlefields then they do upon their return home, and that fellow Americans is an avoidable tragedy. So I urge you again now, contact your representatives, in whatever manner you choose, and let them know that we will no longer allow bureaucrats, pencil pushers and political appointees decide the fates of our returning veterans in need. They truly have earned better treatment and only we can give it to them. I am supplyin a link to current contact information for all Congressmen and Senators and many other elected officials. Now go out there and make a difference.
~ Nick Pensabene