●Be truthful with yourself and others

●Learn something every day, take time for your personal intellectual betterment

● Stop drugging your children for your convenience.

● Do not have any expectations of most and unreasonable expectations of any.

●Good intentions are not enough

●Be the first to smile it’s quite infectious.

● Do not let excessive emotion of any kind or misplaced empathy cloud your judgement. The real story is there, read it and then decide.

● We all judge and are judged every day. If you don’t want to be judged, “Do nothing, say nothing and be nothing”.

●Exercise every day. Walking 15 minutes twice a day is a simple start that will change your life.

●Balance in all things should be your goal

● Be considerate of other it costs nothing and is priceless.

● Every choice has its consequences. Make your choice, but do not bemoan the results.

● Don’t be offended, tune it out, turn it off, or walk away.

●Looking to your government for all solutions is a dangerous paradigm that must be reversed.

●Have gratitude and be tolerant and teach gratitude and tolerance.

●Be to all people, what you would have them be to you

I hope 2016 brings you all things you desire, but above all else Health, Joy and Prosperity.
    ~ Nick Pensabene