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Republicans!!! Many of the more principled American people like myself, who have supported your ideology for years are watching your behavior toward Donald Trump and we will act. What scares you about a Donald Trump Presidency the most, because as I see it he fits rather perfectly with the ideological underpinnings of your party. So we are left to assume the reason Mr Trump scares you, is because he cannot be owned by the power brokers who are actually calling the shots in Washington DC.. You know, your bosses, the men, women, and corporate entities who benefit equally whether there is a Republican or Democrat in office. If this is the case, and I am one of millions who believes it so, then the United States no longer belongs to “We the People”, and all that is left is for us to take it back. I hope you are prepared for what you are creating, because the civil unrest you are flirting with will make the protests and riots by the #blacklivesmatter and the radical black racist agenda appear as a friendly picnic. We are pissed and will not be silenced, for once in over twenty years we were not forced by your parties ineptitude to choose between the lesser of to evils and you greedily seek to wrest this choice out of our hands. So stop floating trial balloons like, Romney, Rice and Walker, we want none of it. Unify behind Donald Trump, stop the dirty tricks or face the long overdue revolution of your own making.

~ Nick Pensabene
Concerned American.