Eight years ago, only a mere seven years after 9-11, the American people many of you call friends, family, co-workers and loved ones had already forgotten that radical muslims had perpetrated a three prong attack on American soil and in their deep ignorance, racism and selfishness elected a community organizer from Chicago, a failed community organizer as the continued death toll and crime rate continues to escalate. This scumbag had a Muslim name, muslim ties, muslim sympathies and an obvious hatred of western ways, as evident in his speeches and past writings. Everyone wonders why I am so angry at these people who elected Barack Obama and not once which might be forgiven, but twice which I will never forgive. Ushering in Obama’s age of pandering to the Islamic State and and apologizing for America’s great and sometime in hindsight shameful past as no President ever should.
Many of these same traitors to are now speaking out against Donald Trump’s demeanor, brashness, honesty and arrogant love of the United States. They are fools, merely insects whom I could care less for their opinion. We must take back America in so many aspects, take back our language, our trade, our national pride, our borders, our education systems and especially our government. We choose to end all political correctness, social pandering and out of control government spending. Donald Trump is our best conduit to achieve this goal. So when you say Donald Trump isn’t Presidential, polished and does not fit your image of what a President should be, I say it’s time you revisit your priorities and think about the change necessary to once again make America great. Donald Trump is the right man for the times and political environment. Donald Trump, for America, for President and for our future, he is our last great hope against Globalism, Socialism and the Trojan horse movement afoot in America. Let’s make America great again. Donald Trump 2016!

~ Nick Pensabene