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Children under a certain age cannot drive, they cannot sell or consume alcoholic beverages, they cannot vote. We restrict their sexual  houses with regards to age, they cannot enter into many kinds of contracts. Society restricts them from smoking, owning guns and what films they may choose to view. Now I can go on for volumes regarding the myriad spectrum of things for which we put restrictions on children in order to protect them from their own inexperience and emotional immaturity, but I believe you get my point. So why then, for the love of Pete would we assume that in their fragile inexperienced emotional immaturity that they are equipped to make such a life changing decision regarding their gender? I assert they are not and nor should we believe their parents can make such a decision in an unbiased manner and without over empathizing. If a child is born a hermaphrodite, having two sets of genitals male or female or any portion thereof, then and only the should gender assignment surgery be performed at the youngest possible age. Otherwise, these decisions should be put off until the age of majority and so too should all public accommodation for their gender choices.

~ Nick Pensabene