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The other day we had some people over for a small barbeque, family, neigbors and some friends, it was great. The central air condition broke during the fun and a man came over to fix it. He gave us an estimate and we were floored by the cost and told him so, but we did tell him to go ahead with the work. While he was repairing the air conditioner he told us that he thought we were in way over our head with the house we chose and the cars we were driving. He said we wouldn’t be complaining about cost if we cut back on some of the luxuries, telling us how irresponsible we are and even went as far as demanding that we adjust our lifestyle.
Outside everyone was having fun in the pool and while people were relaxing on the patio , my son 8 one of our four children was splashing people on their lounges. We told him to stop immediately and to leave the pool as a punishment and he would not be allowed back in the rest of the day. We were then assaulted by opinions on how we should raise our children by our friends and family some went as far as to say we have too many and should consider drastic birth control methods before another pregnancy happened.
  One man approached my wife complaining about our musical taste and choice of refreshments, she recognized him and his family from around the neighborhood but they were not invited. He said they were invited by others who were in attendance, and they all began to bicker with us on many aspects of our party and how we could make the next one better for them all. I walked away shaking my head when I noticed a group of men painting my house a god awful salmon color and still some others redoing our landscaping more to their liking. I screamed to my wife, “these people have got to go most of them weren’t even invited and do not belong here”. No one would leave, the authorities wouldn’t lift a finger in our defense as the property owners, so we were left with no alternative, we took our children into our home and locked the windows and doors while the melee outside ensued. We the owners of the property and the ones who threw the party were now isolated from the yard that we loved by those that did not belong. If this were you what would you have done? You wouldn’t let this happen in your home, why for the love of Pete would you allow it in your country?
I ask you this because this very thing is taking place in our country as recent immigrants and illegal aliens March on our nation’s capital to sway our nation’s sovereign right to its own political choices regarding immigration. It’s time that we as a nation and people become much more selective about who we invite to the party and even who we allow to stay. We must do this before liberalism continues to bestow the rights of citizenship on those who have not earned them. Protesting Illegal aliens, or those creating sociopolitical dissension while on work or student visas should be immediately shown the door and banned permanently from entrance. The wall must come up borders must be patrolled and the citizens of the United States must come first.

~ Nick Pensabene