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Fifteen years ago, most Americans felt a devastating sense of  insecurity the likes of which they had never felt before. The United States,a super power, and charitable humanitarian country was attacked on its own soil, in a four pronged effort to bring down the World trade center, twin towers, hit the pentagon and a last,failed and still unknown effort, the target was assumed to be the White house or The Capital building.
Our spirits were rocked, our souls were shaken and in many respects our innocence was lost. We in the northeast watched in horror as this tragedy unfolded before our very eyes unedited and live on every tv screen that was powered on. Some watched as family, friends or loved ones flung themselves without hope from the burning towers, others sat by the phone awaiting calls from loved ones that would never come. The rest of the country and the world, watched this surreal melodrama with a detached numbness. There were even those
that cheered both in this country and beyond our shores. Nearly 3000 souls were
lost that day, Some were heroes, doing their jobs and more trying to rescue as many people as possible, some most were merely folks that went to work as they did everyday without even the slightest hint their lives would be snuffed out so
meaninglessly. Some were on the planes that were used that day to terrorize, destroy and kill. Some of these became heroes also, and their bravery has been captured and retold on the silver screen. This momentous  event which took place in the span of just a few hours, cannot and will not be forgotten. These middle eastern
Islamic extremists who were lurking within our borders and many of their leaders are gone now, but has their people’s hatred of the infidel American’s their ways and
western influence cooled over time, I would say absolutely no. That is why now more than ever we must remain ever vigilant. It was those that lost their lives and those that gave theirs in the rescue effort and those ill and those still dying years later because of the toxicity of the rescue and later salvage job, to whom we owe so much. It was those victims, heroes and their
families’ sacrifices that helped make us the stronger and more secure nation we
are today. So in looking back, we are in reality moving forward and in that we honor their memories in countless ways. We may never eradicate terrorism or
hatred, but with our watchful eyes we can ensure that a tragedy of this magnitude will never happen again.      
We are now in the eighth and final year of the Barack Hussein Obama presidency, a man who has proven time and time again that he is a sympathizer of Islamic extremism. In light of the most recent attack by a Muslim at an Orlando Nightclub which claimed 49 lives, he has chosen a stance of petulant denial. Refusing to blame Islamic fundamentalism, he plays a game of semantics saying, this isn’t radical Islam because it was not part of a larger plot. The shooter was muslim and pledged his allegiance to Isil before the massacre and that would usually be enough for any President, but not Barack Hussein Obama. He has consistently shown his globalist ways, to the pointment of putting America in harms way. He has appointed Islamic radicals to many sensitive posts in the federal government. He has consistenly demanded that we Americans remain sensitive to their plight no matter how many incidents of violent radical Islamic fundamentalism take place on
American soil. President Obama must answer for his traitorous behavior, he must also be held accountable for the Benghazi cover ups, the stand down and hold off policies regarding Islamic radicals living in this country and his absolute failure to secure our borders. He should certainly do the honorable thing and step down as his complete ineptitude and arrogance as a globalist and liberal has brought us to this moment, and a very dangerous one it has become. Islam too must answer for their conspicuously absent worldwide condemnation and their ever growing demand for tolerance, capitulation and appeasement in our country. They must also answer for all the atrocities they perpetrate in the name of Allah. The slaughtering of Christians, Jews, gays and the mistreatment of women. The world must get together unified and demand that the radical political ideology of Islam separate itself from the peaceful religious aspect. If not, the world will have no other choice but to eradicate radical Islam wherever it is found. And so the deserts shall be stained with blood for all time.

~ Nick Pensabene