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      Some News Stories for 
Friday 6-24-16
“The Return to Freedom Edition”

●Facebook philosopher, political  commentator and veritable genius 😉 Nick Pensabene was censored and sent to Facebook Purgatory for 24 hours yesterday. What he said was with regards to their party affiliation, the government intervention, protection and virtual wardship they require women are choosing second class citizen status. This because an overwhelming majority are in support of free feminine hygiene products at taxpayer expense. This benign but absolutely correct opinion was the basis for my frozen account. Why the bias Facebook, who are these administrators that inject personal politics and opinions into their position of power. I assert they are bullies, I’ve been bullied simply for having a differing opinion. The intolerance we face in the name of tolerance.
●Here Yee, Here Yee, Here Yee! The Supreme Court  4-4 tie regarding President and Traitor in Chief Barack Obama’s Executive action, puts it down for the count. This means 4 million illegal aliens and undocumented aliens are now cleared for deportation. I say again but not for the last time, secure or borders and enforce our laws. Do you see how important it is that you support Donald Trump. We muse have that open seat.
●The U.K. votes to leave European Union, David Cameron to resign. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will set the wheels in motion to gain her country’s independence.
●Three trials, no convictions, Marilyn Mosby’s politically motivated witch hunt haw yet to get a single conviction, which is raising many eyebrows. Will she drop the charges on the other officers, or will she hang herself with the rope of her own creation.  She should face charges for wrongful prosecution and at the least her political career should be over. Alas, Democrats have a way of of recycling their garbage, unfortunately no  matter the outcome we have not heard the last of this political hacktivist
●A masked man who reportedly fired shots in a German cinema complex, was shot and killed by Police. German media say the security sources have played down suggestions that it may have been a terror attack. They say the man appears to have been a confused individual who was acting alone.
Surprisingly enough no photos or name of suspect was released. I guess we’ll wait and see.
●The majority of Women get irrational to the point of hysteria when you publicly disagree with their desire for free pads and tampons.
●A bipartisan gun control measure touting the tagline “keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists”, sounds all well and good on the surface, but really my fellow patriots who is to decide if your a terrorist? Would it be some nameless faceless bureaucrat, akin to the Facebook adminis that judge you according to their personal biases. There are many patriot groups in this country that the left has called terrorists, in fact a few of the more radical DemocratD have called the NRA a terrorist organization. I have also eardrum a few horror stories, the most recent one of an 8 year old American child who is on it mistakenly for 5 years. Want to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists, keep suspected terrorists out of the U.S..
●This straight from the how does this grab you department. Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager is now working for CNN. I wonder what this portends for their usual shitty coverage of the Trump campaign.
●The scurrilous pigs on the left in Congress staged a sit in demanding gun control or else. Or else what you may ask? I don’t know either, but these whining little cowards should show their real disdain by stepping down and walking out.
●Hillary Clinton IT specialist Bryan Pagliano invoked the Fifth more than 125 times during a 90-minute, closed-door deposition. This is the kind of goings on you want from a possible future President. This Hillary Clinton woman swore by the importance of transparency in our elected officials.

Today’s Quote:

My words have never violated your rights and my opinions have never threatened your freedom. Your belief However, that I may not use words or express those opinions is
an afront to my constitutionally protected freedoms.

~ Nick Pensabene

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