​Here’s how the Clinton deception machine works, it’s really simple people in bad relationships and Pathological liars havery done this for years. You simply accuse the other person of doing something you’re ashamed of in an effort to deflect. 
1. Saying there was a connection between Mr Trump and Russia, turned out to be a lie.
The truth; Hillary sold Russia our Uranium reserves in a Clinton Foundation money grab.
2. Calling Mr Trump a child rapist and misogynist, which again simply isn’t true. 
The Truth; Hillary’s Co Presidential candidate and former President has been accused of countless crimes against women including rape and sexual harassment and admittedly abused his power as President in order to get sexual favors from an intern. Hillary herself demeaned and dragged all of Bills victims through the mud. She also defended a child rapist. 
3. Spreading and perpetuating the rumor of Mr Trump’s instability and the dangers of him being in control of the nuclear arsenal.
The Truth; Hillary’s instability and erratic behavior has been documented for many years and even more of it is coming to light in the most recent Wickileaks emails. The real danger to America us a mad woman who will stop at nothing to win, because she believes it is her birthright.
4. Last but certainly not least, Hillary’s claim of Mr Trump’s ineptitude, inexperience and lack of real qualifications.
The Truth; Hillary Rodham Clinton has been masquerading as a public servant slash activists for her entire life, she was handed the New York Senate seat as a return favor and was given the Secretary of State position without a single qualification. Hillary, has been a groupie in Washington politics for almost 50 years and has nor one positive accomplishment. She did manage to get Americans killed in Benghazi though, and those families and many of us will never forget.
Hillary Rodham Clinton is a Washington Beltway malingerer, a loiterer, nothing more, who was anointed into political office by virtue of her connection to Bill Clinton. This is not a reason to elect her to any position let alone President of the United States.
Donald Trump on the other hand has rum more successful businesses than there are listing on the S&P 500 and has an entire platform of workable solutions to some of our most serious problems. He is a proven negotiator and deal maker. He has vowed to surround himself with the best and brightest, not political hacks or affirmative action postings. He will work as diligently once in office as he has while campaigning.

 So what’s it going to be America, will you support amother lie for the sake of a first, or will you cast your ballot for America’s greatness? 
 ~ Nick Pensabene