​President Obama, is willing to risk possible war with Russia to make a political point and further his agenda. Where is the outcry, you know like there was when Donald Trump took congratulatory phone calls, I distinctly remember that “the sky was falling”.  If you couple this Russia incident with his inability or refusal to carry on the traditional of a non confrontational, non judgemental and cooperative outgoing President and his most recent flurry of roadblocks set up exactly for the purpose of diminishing the effectiveness of the Donald Trump Presidency, you must draw the conclusion that we are dealing with a deeply disturbed narcissistic being. Is the game of cat and mouse with Vladimir Putin real or is it a case of exiting showboating by a failed and terribly insecure man? Looking from the vantage point of the American people it certainly appears these two great trains, the United States and Russia are heading for a collision, but are they really, since in just over 20 days this country will have a different engineer and be on a completely different track. Mr Obama like all liberals is very afraid of the 45th President even before his presidency starts, because he has a mandate from real hard working Americans not special interest groups and big money donors. They still, delusionally believe they can stop the coming tidal change, they cannot. 
  ~ Nick Pensabene #Amf