​●With days left in office, President Obama is trying to shove dozens of policies, down the throats of Americans who rejected his policies, but will they stay seated?

Another attempt to roadblock the coming Trump Presidency.

●”On Sunday, officials from 72 countries, including Secretary of State John Kerry, will gather in Paris for the sole purpose of demonizing the state of Israel.

 They will simply ignore the hourly atrocities being committed throughout the Islamic world and Africa. Hundreds of thousands have been massacred in Syria and the entire continent of Europe is dealing with a refugee crisis. Iran supports global terror uprisings, and the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and other Sunni jihadi groups continue to slaughter innocents in droves.” 

 I have many Jewish friends in America that continue to support liberalism, they should be ashamed. I was also unfriended by a girl who even lived in Israel for a time and still she violently and inexplicably supported this administration and Hillary. I really think they’ve forgotten.

●China comes out swinging at Trump’s everything is negotiable policy saying, “One China” is not up for any consideration.

●”Bo Jackson: I’d smack my kids in the mouth If they said they wanted to play football”.  I’d do the same Mr Jackson if my kids grew up to become fans of that we’ll known American football league.

●Sad news for most, except of course for the jack ass activists that have been trying to shut them down for years.

 “Ringling Bros circus to close ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ after 146 years”

 They cite rising cost and low ticket sales as the reason.

●President Donald Trump responds to racist Congressman John Lewis’ comments about him not being a legitimate President. What’s wrong Mr Lewis, isn’t he dark.

 “Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results. All talk, talk, talk – no action or results.”

 Donald Trump is spot on here.

●Mexico yapping, like a Chihuahua at a lion, good luck with your threats and outlandish predictions.

 “Mexico’s economy minister sent Donald Trump a fighting message: We will retaliate right away if you hit us with a major border tax.”

●There are no plans to digitally recreate “Star Wars” icon Carrie Fisher in future franchise films following her sudden death late last year, according to Lucasfilm.

●Some malls across the country are beginning to ban or limit access to teens after an increase of unruly or violent social gatherings. There is also a BOLO for the parents of these future inmates and current miscreants.

●”There’s a lot California representative Jared Huffman would rather do than go to Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday. So he’s going to stay home.”

 Jared Huffman is a douche. I believe attendance at the inauguration for all members of Congress should be mandatory.

●Rachel Nash a Baltimore school teacher and racist by her own definition has been turned down by Wells Fargo for a personalized design “Black Lives Matter” debit card. Wells Fargo made the right move. Here’s an example of the racist sewage that spews from this liberal pigs mouth.

 “I’m fed up with white people who disparage black youth.” For the record Nash is a 29 year old white woman.

●”This new French language cannibal movie, ‘Raw’ is so graphic people are being hospitalized after watching it.” I’m not a fan of french film either, but this takes “in bad taste” to a new level.


 ~ Nick Pensabene

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“You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of that choice”   

                  ~ Unknown

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