​●The Snowflakes are at it again, I’m guessing Rector Mike’s congregation it overflowing with emotionally ill prepared puss bags.

 “Pasadena’s All Saints Episcopal Church will not mention Donald Trump by name in prayers, saying that mentions of the President-elect are “literally a trauma trigger to some people.”

 For years, the California church has offered prayers for people in positions of power, including President Obama. The church will continue offering those prayers—but it will no longer use proper names, said rector Mike Kinman in a blog post, because “prayer should never be a trauma-causing act.”

●There are 49 other states that could learn a great deal from Arizona. Time to shut down the selective, accepted application of promoting hatred.

 “AZ lawmakers move to ban college courses on, the Problem of Whiteness and White Privilege”

●On one side of the new $100 gold coin from the U.S. Mint is the image of an eagle in flight. On the other side, there is the depiction of Lady Liberty, and this time, she is a black woman.

●This young woman should not be imprisoned. We must grow up as a nation sexually and learn to separate predators from simple sexual misconduct.

 “Alexandria Vera, 25, was facing up to 30 years behind bars after pleading guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a child in November. She admitted to police that a relationship that started with Instagram messages between her and the boy blossomed into a romance, one of which the 13 year old boy’s family approved.

●Martin Luther King’s niece Aveda King, “I believe Congressman Lewis can actually help America by working with the President”. 

 This woman is sensible like her Uncle.

●The manhunt for accused cop-killer Markeith Loyd focused on an abandoned Orlando country club building on Sunday. Police ultimately announced they’d found no sign of him there.

●Trump vows ‘insurance for everybody’ in Obamacare replacement plan.

●Breitbart:Was Hillary Clinton’s nomination legitimate? Six reasons to say no.

1. The Democrats’ rigged primary.

2. The Democrat superdelegate system.

3. The Democrat money machine.

4. The media was part of Clinton’s campaign.

5. The law was bent and broken to keep Clinton in the game.

6. Democrats try to hack the electorate

●This could happen, and quite frankly, if so called journalists are concerned, it may not be such a bad thing.

 “The White House press corps was stunned on Sunday by reports of a proposal by the Trump administration to eject reporters from their home in the West Wing — a move that, if carried out, would uproot decades of established protocol whereby journalists are allowed to work in the White House close to senior officials.”

●Hey Mosby, you racist twat! Time to face the music.

“Federal Judge Marvin Joseph Garbis drops the hammer after Mosby says she’s immune to prosecution.

Mosby’s attorneys claimed that as a prosecutor she had ‘absolute prosecutorial immunity’ from being sued by those she was prosecuting, a claim that Garbis threw out.” 

●Researchers excavating the remains of one of the most notorious Nazi death camps may have unearthed a new link to Anne Frank. A pendant possibly linked to her discovered at Nazi death camp site.
~ Nick Pensabene

*Quotes, Philosophies & Opinions*
 “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right.” 
  ~ Dr Martin Luther King Jr

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