You may think Facebook jail is a joke or trivial, and thats okay, ignorance will be your eventual downfall. Imagine a social networking platform with over 2 billion subscribers from almost every country on the planet, which accounts for over a quarter of the earths population. It is a rather huge microcosm of reality. There is one man in control of that forum and he is an unashamed unapologetic bed wetting radical progressive, and at his disposal is an army of like minded administrators, they are his stormtroopers and ministry of propaganda in one, whose sole purpose is to sanitize our speech in a way that only they deem fit. Relying on the specter of a vague set of community guidelines as their legitimizing authority, when in fact these very same guidelines are not administered equally across the board. Now Mark Zuckerberg’s utopic ideals are surely his right, but I must say again as I have many times in the past, Facebook is a trial run, an experiment which will lead to sociopolitical totalitarianism in the coming days. I can truly understand Mark’s Gestapo policing incitement of violence, recruitment to violence or hate, visuals of murder or crimes in progress, unfortunately this mission statement has turned into what it is now, an army of bitter liberal emotional thinking keyboard warriors who do nothing but eliminate posts that either offend them personally or doesnt fit their agenda. I implore Mr Zuckerberg to rethink allowing administrators no accountability for the removal of posts simply because they find them personally offensive. I find a plethora of mindless quizzes and chain letters very offensive, yet I simply move on from them. I think it would better serve the Facebook community, If upon a report of someone post for a matter of offense, instead of censoring the person being complained about, Facebook simply blocks the person complaining from ever seeing another post by the offender in question. That wouldnt work for the control power hungry liberal snow flakes however, because it would not force us all to behave as they demand we do. Political correctness be damned, whining cowards be damned and may the ones who deserve no freedom be the first in chains.
Thank you for reading.
Nick Pensabene #Amf 9-2-17

#facebook #fascism