I have witnessed over the last few years a liberally led and concerted effort to demonize wealthy Americans. This is not too hard to achieve during these dire economic times, since many of the less educated are easily led to to the conclusions of whatever propaganda machine pushes the hardest. What I find interesting is, these same progressive liberals are always first and foremost to accuse others of hate speech, racism, sexism or homophobia at the mere hint of disagreement with their agenda. This anti-wealthy rhetoric is quite dangerous since it translates into real crime statistics,creates class envy and wrongly breeds hatred against wealthy Americans. The truth is this class envy is even more insidious because, to the extremely poor the lower middle class appear rich and so on up the ladder with no end. The purpose behind this is merely to cover the blame from decades of their own failed liberal policies. Everyone hates these faceless wealthy Americans, who not only drive our economy as business owners, big ticket item consumers and job creators, but as some of the most philanthropic people on the planet, for no better reason than a scapegoat is necessary. Does greed exist, yes of course, but to believe greed is exclusive to only the wealthy, serves to do nothing but mark you as a jealous fool. This is the United States of America, the pie is not finite, there is plenty of wealth to go around for those willing to work hard and achieve, so there is no need to hate.
~Nick Pensabene