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I personally do give a rats ass whether you like this country or stand, sit or take a knee for the National Anthem. I am a patriot therefore I choose to stand. I am also a principled First Amendment purist, the issue here however, is not a constitutional one, since there is no right to free speech in the workplace.
What we have here is a major double standard problem, the NFL has taken stands against offensive slurs, offensive imagery, both verbal and visual and has sanctioned players before trial for accusations of domestic violence, these are all done regularly in the name of political correctness, pandering to special interest groups. The NFL has gone as far as penalizing the use of racial epithets on the field or benches. Think back over the last 30 years how many countless victims of politically correct witch hunts have lost careers, have been disgraced and humiliated for what was innocently and truly free speech. The NFL or their sponsors did anything to support those commentators in fact they gladly and gleefully bowed immediately at first signs of pressure.
I find it very hard to fault ignorant mutts like Kapernick and those who have imitated his childish and misguided actions. It is the nature of children and fools to throw tantrums in the face of adversity and possessing the lack of critical thought. Those to be held most responsible in no specific order; the NFL and team owners, the sponsors, the media and those who continue to watch and support the advertisers.
The NFL and the sponsors must all step up and do what’s right and either equally penalize all behavior deemed unfit, regardless of political affiliation or allow freedom of expression and speech to go unfettered. The media also have a responsibility but they corruption there runs far too deep. They are no longer a free and unbiased press, they are a political propaganda machine of the left wing.
Our duty as patriotic Americans is to turn our back on the NFL and on all whom with they do business. It’s really is that simple, do you have the courage of your convictions or are you an empty suit and a hypocrite?

~ Nick Pensabene #Amf

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