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I never really expected to get an answer to my question, (Why is it wrong to compare blacks or anyone for that matter to apes) yesterday as it was mostly an intellectual exercise. The fact is, there really is no good reason why we cannot compare anyone to looking like apes. We are all very simian like in looks, of course individually some more than others. For instance President Bush does resemble a monkey, but could you make the same comparison regarding an equally simian looking black, without being crucified? That answer is a resounding absofreakinlutely not. No one should be systemically discriminated against because of color, sex, religion or racial discrimination, and laws are in place to ensure such.
Let me get now to the important issue that is being overlooked by most, freedom of speech is sacrosanct and while this is not a freedom of speech issue in the purest sense, it is nonetheless worth examining as one. There is no way anyone group should be able to exercise control over another through limiting their speech or self expression, it is discriminatory plain and simple. Unless such behavior is a contractual obligation as in a moral clause for employment. Part of freedom is the freedom to hate or love whomever you choose, regardless of whose feelings might be hurt. There can be no such thing as freedom from offense for two reasons. One is, offense is far to subjective as everyone is offended by something. Who is to say in a fair manner whose feelings must be protected and whose ignored? Secondly and most important of the two is, speech that we find abhorrent is the most important speech to protect of all. For example, I do not like or agree with desecration of the American flag, but I would loathe to see it become punishable by law to do so. The argument that men died for that flag is anathema to me, I find the idea absurd. Men died for what that flag represents and that is freedom, strangely enough to most that would include behavior such as flag burning.
In my belief hate crime laws are also wholly unconstitutional and unnecessary, the should all be repealed for the obvious reason. Through their good intentions hate crime laws do nothing but elevate the importance of some people over another according to race, sex, religion or sexual choices. They are also never administered equally, which is an affront to our constitution and all its amendments.
The behavior and reaction to the termination of Roseanne’s television show is an embarrassment to Free speech, but not just on the left, but on the right also where idiots were clamoring for the termination of other who were merely exercising free speech and personal opinion. The number of absolutely false social networking postings have reached and all time high, supposed conservatives not caring for honesty or truth. Then there are the multitudes of cowards on both sides who are fearful or angered by any honest discussion on the subject of racism and bigotry in a much broader sense.
What we as Americans need to understand, systemic racism in the United States was statistically nil before the election of our first black President. After 8 years of political pandering to radicalism on every front including the black community, there is a justifiable sense of division in this great country. Pandering to these groups by lending them further power over speech and social expression will not fix the problem. What will fix the problem is to move forward 100% equal , yet confident in our country’s healing ability , yet no longer insecure about our place or demanding of special treatment or double standards.
Let’s stop being children and instead be citizens of the greatest country ever, the United States of America.

Your friend and fellow patriot

~ Nick Pensabene