Today, I walked into the lobby of the local Pick n’ Save grocery store and there was a table set up with a collection jar and some literature soliciting donations for our troops overseas. There was a seedy looking man and and white trash looking woman with permanent “bitch face” manning the table and they asked me to donate. As i reached into my pocket for a fiver, I noticed the book in front of the woman was the one written by that American hating liberal former first lady Michelle Obama. I looked down at the book and up at her and him and said, “sorry I cannot donate a cent to you people because of that book sitting on the table, and knowing one of you are reading it, Good day”. I then, as I walked away went on my phone and donated $10 to a wounded warrior foundation. On my way out of the building as i passed by the table, I noticed the book was conspicuous in its absence. That’s just how I roll.

~ Nick Pensabene