There is so much talk amongst certain groups and in the political debate about women’s “reproductive rights”.
There is absolutely no talk about women’s “reproductive responsibility” or true equality.
It’s time women, as a group turn their backs on the double standards, special treatment and the self marginalization of group think and forge ahead truly strong and independent, otherwise they risk being drowned in their own rhetoric. There is no better evidence of this phenomenon than the current assault on and eventual destruction of girl’s and women’s sports through the influx of transgendered athletes, who while still biologically male compete and dominate as female in 99% of all female sports. Since Women have been largely responsible for the advancement of the radical homosexual agenda, the phrase “hoisted by their own petard”, is now quite fitting.
Real common sense changes must be made and an end must be put to the current wave of sociopolitical pandering to the whims of every group.
~ Nick Pensabene