President Obama is showing signs of mental illness.

​President Obama, is willing to risk possible war with Russia to make a political point and further his agenda. Where is the outcry, you know like there was when Donald Trump took congratulatory phone calls, I distinctly remember that “the sky was falling”.  If you couple this Russia incident with his inability or refusal to carry on the traditional of a non confrontational, non judgemental and cooperative outgoing President and his most recent flurry of roadblocks set up exactly for the purpose of diminishing the effectiveness of the Donald Trump Presidency, you must draw the conclusion that we are dealing with a deeply disturbed narcissistic being. Is the game of cat and mouse with Vladimir Putin real or is it a case of exiting showboating by a failed and terribly insecure man? Looking from the vantage point of the American people it certainly appears these two great trains, the United States and Russia are heading for a collision, but are they really, since in just over 20 days this country will have a different engineer and be on a completely different track. Mr Obama like all liberals is very afraid of the 45th President even before his presidency starts, because he has a mandate from real hard working Americans not special interest groups and big money donors. They still, delusionally believe they can stop the coming tidal change, they cannot. 
  ~ Nick Pensabene #Amf


It’s time you pay your share


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​You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by overtaxing the wealthy. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anyone anything that the government does not first take from someone else. These are not opinions, but axiomatic truths. The belief that others must subsidize your wretched failure of an existence is utterly amoral. Yet a growing majority believe they do have a right to demand what is yours and hard earned. There are even more who on a daily basis practice class envy in the ugliest of ways, arbitrarily pointing to those with more saying enough is enough, where’s my share. These people I speak of are not merely those with differing opinions, they are enemies of freedom and the capitalist economy. All that is wrong with our economy is because of them and their selfish unnecessary petitions to a government that now confiscates up to 70% in total taxes, fees, surcharges, tolls, add ons and unfunded mandates. This is the tide that must be rolled back, our tax system must be simplified and all hidden taxes, surcharges and such must be eliminated. One flat tax for all, nothing could be more fair right? Do some research and see who are the most vociferous opponents of a fair tax, I’ll give you a hint, it’s the very same aforementioned in this piece. The Economically inept, greedy, class enviests. They don’t want to pay their share, and why should they, as long as you’re willing to foot the bill. 

 ~ Nick Pensabene
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Misinformation Rules the day.


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​What will destroy this nation quicker than any trojan horse or sleeper cell terrorism is the unfettered spread of misinformation. I don’t care if you feel it, believe it, want it really badly or think it’s what’s best for the country. I charge every American the simple task of being honest, to themselves, others and when sharing any and all information. It’s perfectly fine to have contrary opinions but to willingly share the erroneous has zero value, and I’ve witnessed this far too many times from the entire ideological spectrum.

 ~ Nick Pensabene

 “Knowledge is Power, and Truth is Freedom”

In the Nick of Time               Some news stories for Thursday 11-17-16


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​********In the Nick of time.********

           Some News Stories 

           Thursday 11-17-16
●If you are following the news, both print and digital, you are being told unceasingly that the Trump transition is in disarray. Keep in mind the people telling you this are the same ones that lied and spread misinformation durine the campaign, including a plethora of erroneous polls. The media seeks a war with President Elect Trump, let’s not give them the satisfaction. Tune ’em out, turn ’em off, and walk away. Let’s render them irrelevant for the next four years.

●After five years, 130 episodes and one of the biggest hits in the history of cable, the Robertson family and A&E jointly decided that Duck Dynasty, the series, will come to an end after this season.

●Hillary comes out of her hole, much like a groundhog, and witnessing the far reaching shadow of her defeat blamed misogynistic white women for her loss on election day. Surely Ms. Rodham Clinton, it had nothing to do with your crimes, corruptions and overall complete unlikability. 

●Meanwhile Bernie “The Sellout” Sanders says, “It is very likely that if I were the nominee, I would have won”, yes Bernie, if wishes were horses, rides would be free.

●ISIL fighters might be responsible for killing more than 300 Iraqi former police officers three weeks ago and burying them in a mass grave near the town of Hammam al-Alil, south of Mosul. 

●Alabama man Jay Maynor sentenced to 40 years for murdering daughter’s sexual abuser Raymond Earl Brooks 13 years after his prison release. Brooks molested the girl between the ages of 4 and 8. Thousands support him, as do I. Where does justice reside if not in our system of laws.

●Are you prepared for the coming Netflix tax?

●Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) has gotten just two minutes and nine seconds of coverage with his bid for Democratic National Committee chairman. None has been negative, according to the Media Research Center. The funny thing is Ellison is a scumbag black separatist with connections to both the “Nation of Islam” and the “Muslim Brotherhood”. He also in 2007 compared the tragic attacks on 9-11 to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to the Reichstag fire that helped bring Adolf Hitler to power in Nazi Germany. So in essence the man is a loon. 

●There are almost two times as many people in America with substance abuse disorders than there are victims of cancer. This comes from U.S. Surgeon General Dr Vivek Murthy.

●The Beatles never won a grammy.
The Bravest thing a person can do is accept their mistakes and bad choices and move forward in their life.  Neither carrying them like an overburdened beast nor denying them like a shameless hypocrite. Realizing they should be not a source of pain nor a convenient or comfortable excuse, they merely were, and you are now.
 ~Nick Pensabene 
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The Clinton deception machine


​Here’s how the Clinton deception machine works, it’s really simple people in bad relationships and Pathological liars havery done this for years. You simply accuse the other person of doing something you’re ashamed of in an effort to deflect. 
1. Saying there was a connection between Mr Trump and Russia, turned out to be a lie.
The truth; Hillary sold Russia our Uranium reserves in a Clinton Foundation money grab.
2. Calling Mr Trump a child rapist and misogynist, which again simply isn’t true. 
The Truth; Hillary’s Co Presidential candidate and former President has been accused of countless crimes against women including rape and sexual harassment and admittedly abused his power as President in order to get sexual favors from an intern. Hillary herself demeaned and dragged all of Bills victims through the mud. She also defended a child rapist. 
3. Spreading and perpetuating the rumor of Mr Trump’s instability and the dangers of him being in control of the nuclear arsenal.
The Truth; Hillary’s instability and erratic behavior has been documented for many years and even more of it is coming to light in the most recent Wickileaks emails. The real danger to America us a mad woman who will stop at nothing to win, because she believes it is her birthright.
4. Last but certainly not least, Hillary’s claim of Mr Trump’s ineptitude, inexperience and lack of real qualifications.
The Truth; Hillary Rodham Clinton has been masquerading as a public servant slash activists for her entire life, she was handed the New York Senate seat as a return favor and was given the Secretary of State position without a single qualification. Hillary, has been a groupie in Washington politics for almost 50 years and has nor one positive accomplishment. She did manage to get Americans killed in Benghazi though, and those families and many of us will never forget.
Hillary Rodham Clinton is a Washington Beltway malingerer, a loiterer, nothing more, who was anointed into political office by virtue of her connection to Bill Clinton. This is not a reason to elect her to any position let alone President of the United States.
Donald Trump on the other hand has rum more successful businesses than there are listing on the S&P 500 and has an entire platform of workable solutions to some of our most serious problems. He is a proven negotiator and deal maker. He has vowed to surround himself with the best and brightest, not political hacks or affirmative action postings. He will work as diligently once in office as he has while campaigning.

 So what’s it going to be America, will you support amother lie for the sake of a first, or will you cast your ballot for America’s greatness? 
 ~ Nick Pensabene

Mommy syndrome

​One of the main detrimental issues we face in this nation is what I have called “The Mommy Syndrome”, this is the mistaken belief that many have, including many men, that government intervention and legislation can and should protect all life, regardless of it effect on our Freedom. It cannot be done, and while we should strive to protect the lives of all citizens, it cannot be at “any cost” as the left and many on the right infected by Mommy Syndrome claim. There is no single, nor collection of lives including children, for which it is worth travelling the path of freedom reduction. We must maintain Freedom at “any cost” because it is the cornerstone of modern civilization. We also must learn to dilute our empathy with common sense, if we do not the future horrors our children and their children will face will be unimaginable.
~  Nick Pensabene

In The Nick of Time


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*******In the Nick of time.********

      Some News Stories for 
Friday 6-24-16
“The Return to Freedom Edition”

●Facebook philosopher, political  commentator and veritable genius 😉 Nick Pensabene was censored and sent to Facebook Purgatory for 24 hours yesterday. What he said was with regards to their party affiliation, the government intervention, protection and virtual wardship they require women are choosing second class citizen status. This because an overwhelming majority are in support of free feminine hygiene products at taxpayer expense. This benign but absolutely correct opinion was the basis for my frozen account. Why the bias Facebook, who are these administrators that inject personal politics and opinions into their position of power. I assert they are bullies, I’ve been bullied simply for having a differing opinion. The intolerance we face in the name of tolerance.
●Here Yee, Here Yee, Here Yee! The Supreme Court  4-4 tie regarding President and Traitor in Chief Barack Obama’s Executive action, puts it down for the count. This means 4 million illegal aliens and undocumented aliens are now cleared for deportation. I say again but not for the last time, secure or borders and enforce our laws. Do you see how important it is that you support Donald Trump. We muse have that open seat.
●The U.K. votes to leave European Union, David Cameron to resign. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will set the wheels in motion to gain her country’s independence.
●Three trials, no convictions, Marilyn Mosby’s politically motivated witch hunt haw yet to get a single conviction, which is raising many eyebrows. Will she drop the charges on the other officers, or will she hang herself with the rope of her own creation.  She should face charges for wrongful prosecution and at the least her political career should be over. Alas, Democrats have a way of of recycling their garbage, unfortunately no  matter the outcome we have not heard the last of this political hacktivist
●A masked man who reportedly fired shots in a German cinema complex, was shot and killed by Police. German media say the security sources have played down suggestions that it may have been a terror attack. They say the man appears to have been a confused individual who was acting alone.
Surprisingly enough no photos or name of suspect was released. I guess we’ll wait and see.
●The majority of Women get irrational to the point of hysteria when you publicly disagree with their desire for free pads and tampons.
●A bipartisan gun control measure touting the tagline “keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists”, sounds all well and good on the surface, but really my fellow patriots who is to decide if your a terrorist? Would it be some nameless faceless bureaucrat, akin to the Facebook adminis that judge you according to their personal biases. There are many patriot groups in this country that the left has called terrorists, in fact a few of the more radical DemocratD have called the NRA a terrorist organization. I have also eardrum a few horror stories, the most recent one of an 8 year old American child who is on it mistakenly for 5 years. Want to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists, keep suspected terrorists out of the U.S..
●This straight from the how does this grab you department. Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager is now working for CNN. I wonder what this portends for their usual shitty coverage of the Trump campaign.
●The scurrilous pigs on the left in Congress staged a sit in demanding gun control or else. Or else what you may ask? I don’t know either, but these whining little cowards should show their real disdain by stepping down and walking out.
●Hillary Clinton IT specialist Bryan Pagliano invoked the Fifth more than 125 times during a 90-minute, closed-door deposition. This is the kind of goings on you want from a possible future President. This Hillary Clinton woman swore by the importance of transparency in our elected officials.

Today’s Quote:

My words have never violated your rights and my opinions have never threatened your freedom. Your belief However, that I may not use words or express those opinions is
an afront to my constitutionally protected freedoms.

~ Nick Pensabene

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We are America and We are Angry


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Fifteen years ago, most Americans felt a devastating sense of  insecurity the likes of which they had never felt before. The United States,a super power, and charitable humanitarian country was attacked on its own soil, in a four pronged effort to bring down the World trade center, twin towers, hit the pentagon and a last,failed and still unknown effort, the target was assumed to be the White house or The Capital building.
Our spirits were rocked, our souls were shaken and in many respects our innocence was lost. We in the northeast watched in horror as this tragedy unfolded before our very eyes unedited and live on every tv screen that was powered on. Some watched as family, friends or loved ones flung themselves without hope from the burning towers, others sat by the phone awaiting calls from loved ones that would never come. The rest of the country and the world, watched this surreal melodrama with a detached numbness. There were even those
that cheered both in this country and beyond our shores. Nearly 3000 souls were
lost that day, Some were heroes, doing their jobs and more trying to rescue as many people as possible, some most were merely folks that went to work as they did everyday without even the slightest hint their lives would be snuffed out so
meaninglessly. Some were on the planes that were used that day to terrorize, destroy and kill. Some of these became heroes also, and their bravery has been captured and retold on the silver screen. This momentous  event which took place in the span of just a few hours, cannot and will not be forgotten. These middle eastern
Islamic extremists who were lurking within our borders and many of their leaders are gone now, but has their people’s hatred of the infidel American’s their ways and
western influence cooled over time, I would say absolutely no. That is why now more than ever we must remain ever vigilant. It was those that lost their lives and those that gave theirs in the rescue effort and those ill and those still dying years later because of the toxicity of the rescue and later salvage job, to whom we owe so much. It was those victims, heroes and their
families’ sacrifices that helped make us the stronger and more secure nation we
are today. So in looking back, we are in reality moving forward and in that we honor their memories in countless ways. We may never eradicate terrorism or
hatred, but with our watchful eyes we can ensure that a tragedy of this magnitude will never happen again.      
We are now in the eighth and final year of the Barack Hussein Obama presidency, a man who has proven time and time again that he is a sympathizer of Islamic extremism. In light of the most recent attack by a Muslim at an Orlando Nightclub which claimed 49 lives, he has chosen a stance of petulant denial. Refusing to blame Islamic fundamentalism, he plays a game of semantics saying, this isn’t radical Islam because it was not part of a larger plot. The shooter was muslim and pledged his allegiance to Isil before the massacre and that would usually be enough for any President, but not Barack Hussein Obama. He has consistently shown his globalist ways, to the pointment of putting America in harms way. He has appointed Islamic radicals to many sensitive posts in the federal government. He has consistenly demanded that we Americans remain sensitive to their plight no matter how many incidents of violent radical Islamic fundamentalism take place on
American soil. President Obama must answer for his traitorous behavior, he must also be held accountable for the Benghazi cover ups, the stand down and hold off policies regarding Islamic radicals living in this country and his absolute failure to secure our borders. He should certainly do the honorable thing and step down as his complete ineptitude and arrogance as a globalist and liberal has brought us to this moment, and a very dangerous one it has become. Islam too must answer for their conspicuously absent worldwide condemnation and their ever growing demand for tolerance, capitulation and appeasement in our country. They must also answer for all the atrocities they perpetrate in the name of Allah. The slaughtering of Christians, Jews, gays and the mistreatment of women. The world must get together unified and demand that the radical political ideology of Islam separate itself from the peaceful religious aspect. If not, the world will have no other choice but to eradicate radical Islam wherever it is found. And so the deserts shall be stained with blood for all time.

~ Nick Pensabene

Illegal Aliens Protesting on U.S. Soil


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Wrap your mind around this, the same Federal government that oversteps its constitutional authority, overtaxes and over regulates us and is unconstitutionally intimately involved with every aspect of our day to day life, in the most disgraceful act of micromanagement, this same government has openly neglected to do its duty by enforcing immigration laws and securing our borders, which I might add is among its few duties enumerated by our constitution.  Imagine a country, a sovereign united entity that sactuary cities protecting criminals from laws that every elected official are sworn to uphold. We live in that place, the same one that would ensure the prosperity and health of these same criminals by affording them benefits that most Americans work hard for and some do not even have.
I have no animus toward those that seek to make their lives better, there is a legal process and it is more than fair on this side of the border, utilize it. I do however feel deep hatred for the likes of those who would protest violently in a country where they are not citizens, burning our Flag and waving theirs. They threaten and perpetrate violence against our citizens who are exercising their freedoms and rights as Americans, who are taking part in the political process. Local government officials ordering police to stand down while crimes are being committed, that is not the real America, but the unapologetic liberal Democrat version of it. One day our people will rise up against such nonsense and drag these leaders from their insulated towers of ignorance and banish them in perpetuity. You illegal immigrants and violent protesters are not welcome here and will be deported. Maybe you can take the same actions in your own country and foment change therein, I don’t really believe you will, because you are all cowards, here in the United States your actions are condoned, sponsored and yes even prompted by the anti American globalist left. In your home country they’d be met with like violence and end in you obliteration. Wake up my slumbering American brothers and sisters, the revolution is at our door, answer the call to righteous indignation and anger. Those on the left are no longer a portion of our population with differing equally honorable views, they are traitorous enemies and must be defeated. We find our freedoms, liberties and rights under attack, will we just surrender, or will we fight like true American patriots and be victorious or into defeat as our last warrior breathes their last breath in honor. I will fight.
   ~ Nick Pensabene
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The Barbeque, a Metaphor.


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The other day we had some people over for a small barbeque, family, neigbors and some friends, it was great. The central air condition broke during the fun and a man came over to fix it. He gave us an estimate and we were floored by the cost and told him so, but we did tell him to go ahead with the work. While he was repairing the air conditioner he told us that he thought we were in way over our head with the house we chose and the cars we were driving. He said we wouldn’t be complaining about cost if we cut back on some of the luxuries, telling us how irresponsible we are and even went as far as demanding that we adjust our lifestyle.
Outside everyone was having fun in the pool and while people were relaxing on the patio , my son 8 one of our four children was splashing people on their lounges. We told him to stop immediately and to leave the pool as a punishment and he would not be allowed back in the rest of the day. We were then assaulted by opinions on how we should raise our children by our friends and family some went as far as to say we have too many and should consider drastic birth control methods before another pregnancy happened.
  One man approached my wife complaining about our musical taste and choice of refreshments, she recognized him and his family from around the neighborhood but they were not invited. He said they were invited by others who were in attendance, and they all began to bicker with us on many aspects of our party and how we could make the next one better for them all. I walked away shaking my head when I noticed a group of men painting my house a god awful salmon color and still some others redoing our landscaping more to their liking. I screamed to my wife, “these people have got to go most of them weren’t even invited and do not belong here”. No one would leave, the authorities wouldn’t lift a finger in our defense as the property owners, so we were left with no alternative, we took our children into our home and locked the windows and doors while the melee outside ensued. We the owners of the property and the ones who threw the party were now isolated from the yard that we loved by those that did not belong. If this were you what would you have done? You wouldn’t let this happen in your home, why for the love of Pete would you allow it in your country?
I ask you this because this very thing is taking place in our country as recent immigrants and illegal aliens March on our nation’s capital to sway our nation’s sovereign right to its own political choices regarding immigration. It’s time that we as a nation and people become much more selective about who we invite to the party and even who we allow to stay. We must do this before liberalism continues to bestow the rights of citizenship on those who have not earned them. Protesting Illegal aliens, or those creating sociopolitical dissension while on work or student visas should be immediately shown the door and banned permanently from entrance. The wall must come up borders must be patrolled and the citizens of the United States must come first.

~ Nick Pensabene