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Wrap your mind around this, the same Federal government that oversteps its constitutional authority, overtaxes and over regulates us and is unconstitutionally intimately involved with every aspect of our day to day life, in the most disgraceful act of micromanagement, this same government has openly neglected to do its duty by enforcing immigration laws and securing our borders, which I might add is among its few duties enumerated by our constitution.  Imagine a country, a sovereign united entity that sactuary cities protecting criminals from laws that every elected official are sworn to uphold. We live in that place, the same one that would ensure the prosperity and health of these same criminals by affording them benefits that most Americans work hard for and some do not even have.
I have no animus toward those that seek to make their lives better, there is a legal process and it is more than fair on this side of the border, utilize it. I do however feel deep hatred for the likes of those who would protest violently in a country where they are not citizens, burning our Flag and waving theirs. They threaten and perpetrate violence against our citizens who are exercising their freedoms and rights as Americans, who are taking part in the political process. Local government officials ordering police to stand down while crimes are being committed, that is not the real America, but the unapologetic liberal Democrat version of it. One day our people will rise up against such nonsense and drag these leaders from their insulated towers of ignorance and banish them in perpetuity. You illegal immigrants and violent protesters are not welcome here and will be deported. Maybe you can take the same actions in your own country and foment change therein, I don’t really believe you will, because you are all cowards, here in the United States your actions are condoned, sponsored and yes even prompted by the anti American globalist left. In your home country they’d be met with like violence and end in you obliteration. Wake up my slumbering American brothers and sisters, the revolution is at our door, answer the call to righteous indignation and anger. Those on the left are no longer a portion of our population with differing equally honorable views, they are traitorous enemies and must be defeated. We find our freedoms, liberties and rights under attack, will we just surrender, or will we fight like true American patriots and be victorious or into defeat as our last warrior breathes their last breath in honor. I will fight.
   ~ Nick Pensabene
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